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Pokewinx is an encyclopedia about everything to related to Anthony Elliott's idea of the Crossover adventure called Winx club meets Pokemon. Shown the story about Bloom and her friends including two new characters Ants and Tecko teaming up with Ash and the gang travel to regions collect Gym Badges catching pokemon go to contests face team rocket and the Trix meet new friends new enemies and new rivals. The characters are generation 2 versions to show winx club are decendants of the originals the pokemon they own will revealed and there will be comics made soon from Anthony Elliott. Anthony will show story of the origin of winx club meets pokemon Bloom's Origin will be secret so well Icy's appearance their journey continue to Kanto,Jhoto,Hoenn,Sinnoh,and Unova region Team Aqua,Team Magma,Team Galatic,and Team plasma will make thier appearance as well

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